Native Mobile App Development using Appcelerator

There are a few native mobile app frameworks out there that will compile to both Android and iOS platforms.  I settled onto Appcelerator because it is free, it uses JavaScript, it provide a good IDE with build management, and it has great documentation.   It has been a learning curve for me because I’m not super familiar with mobile app development.   The other challenge was the advanced object oriented use of JavaScript.  Normally I just use simple JavaScript classes to manage the UI features of specific web pages.  Never before have I used JavaScript as the sole language to an application.

Quick Success:

Within a couple hours I was able to get the Appcelerator IDE setup, attach the Android API, and deploy a ‘Hello World’ application to a Kindle Fire.  I suggest using a native device to test applications since the Android emulator is uber slow.  The most recent release of Appcelerator also offers remote application debugging.

I’m in the process of using REST APIs provided by ShelfReliancePro to create a mobile app for that web application.  So far it has gone pretty well and was able to load data from the API into the Android App.