Spring MVC and Hibernate

My current Spring MVC and Hibernate project is located at:

Shelf Reliance Pro (SRPro) is a customer relationship management system for consultants of Shelf Reliance. The system not only helps consultants manage their contacts, but it helps them manage their time and auto-generates tasks to help be an effective consultant. The app includes and address book, calendaring, task management and many more features. Communication features will also be made available in time. The introductory level is free until a consultant has a certain number of contacts. Higher levels will provide more features for the user as well.

It is currently hosted on a free Amazon EC2 cloud instance, so the performance isn’t what it could be at the moment, but it is on that server for development and beta testing. The server only consists of one CPU and 600 MB RAM, but Jboss 7 and Spring MVC can still run on it.

Expect the site to be up and down during development.


JBoss HTTPS randomly wanted keystore

Our JBoss server at work decided one day that it would quit.  Upon restarting it, it wanted a keystore for the ssl connection.  Never before did we have the keystore in place.  The solution was to create a keystore to make it happy.

Here is the example Chapter 8 command to do this:

keytool -genkey -keystore chap8.keystore -storepass rmi+ssl -keypass rmi+ssl -keyalg RSA -alias chapter8 -validity 3650 -dname “cn=chapter8 example,ou=admin book,dc=jboss,dc=org”

Java Mail SMTP in JBoss-Tomcat

I was frustrated in getting the following error when trying to send an email in a web application running in JBoss:

noSuchProviderException: smtp

After hours of searching, it seems that others solved this problem by replacing jar files.

I solved my problem by removing activation.jar and mail.jar from my lib folder in the web app.

The app would then use the mail plugin in JBoss instead and it worked!

NetBeans 6.5 Jboss server problem

NetBeans was supposed to come out with a 6.5.2 patch back in January 2009 to fix the problem that you can’t add a JBoss server because the Domains page is empty. I tried to read through the NetBeans code to find a workaround by creating fake jar files and things in my domains folders, but I still couldn’t get it to recognize my domains. I had the required files for version 5, but for version 4 I was missing some which I added to no avail. I’m still waiting on that patch….