Thrive Life Black Friday Sale 2013

It’s that time of year again when Thrive Life puts all freeze-dried foods on sale. A few of them are even 50% off of retail price. The sale goes from Friday, Nov 29th to Monday, Dec 2nd, 2013. Use the link below to get deeper discounts than what a normal retail purchase can get you.

Thrive Life Black Friday 2013


Survival Reader – RSS App for Android

Survival Reader was designed to help survivalists and emergency preparedness enthusiasts have easy access to several popular preparedness blogs. It pulls in the blog sites’ RSS feeds and displays the articles in the app for quick browsing and reading. Links to the full articles are also provided. The app also provides a listing of food and emergency gear organized into categories. The food and gear are linked to Thrive Life products. Thrive Life has a large variety of high quality freeze-dried and dehydrated food. Various can sizes and package sizes are available.

Here’s how the app looks:

Main Menu

Article List

Emergency Gear

Emergency Food


Article View

The app is available on Google Play right now for free and on Amazon’s Android App Marketplace as soon as it’s approved.

Rotating Can Food Storage Shelves

Thrive Life is the only company that offers rotating can shelves for your pantry or basement food storage. They come in all shapes in sizes to fit where you need them to go. There are also small rotating units that fit in your cupboard and pantry shelves. The big units can rotate large #10 cans and small soup cans. The small units can rotate soup cans and tuna cans.

Rotating Can Shelves on sale here

Harvest Unit
Cupboard Unit