Adding a gmail alias for a forwarded google domains address

I decided to give a try and I like the email forwarding feature and the free private whois listing. After forwarding an email like to your address, it isn’t straight forward to get gmail to add your forwarded email address as an alias so you can send from that address. I searched their docs and couldn’t find how to do this. Here’s the steps that Google Support provided to me to do it.


In Google Accounts:

  1. Go to Google Accounts

  2. Login using the recipient email address.

  3. Click the Security tab.

  4. Look for App passwords under the Password section. Note: The App Passwords option will only be visible if you have 2-Step Verification enabled.

  5. Click Settings under App passwords.

  6. Under Select app choose Mail.

  7. Under Select Device choose your respective device.

  8. Click Generate.

  9. Take note of the generated app password and just click Done.


In Gmail:

  1. Click the gear at the top right corner.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Click Accounts and Import.

  4. Click Add another email address you own under Send mail as.

  5. Enter your alias email address then click Next Step. Keep the Treat as alias checked.

  6. Enter these values:

    • SMTP Server:
    • Port: 465
    • Username: Your Gmail email address.
    • Password: The generated app password from Step 9.

        7.  Click Add Account.

        8.  Click the verification link sent to your Gmail.

It will then be possible to send using an alias. You may do a quick test by composing an email and choosing your email alias in the From field.




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