NTFS Free Software File Recovery

I had a NTFS drive crash on me, and I did not want to pay to get my files back.  The Windows world is full of free software, so I looked for weeks to try and find a program to bring my files back.  I found dozens of programs that show you your files, but you can’t get them back without buying the full version which ranges from $30 – $120 or more.  I finally came across Scrounge NTFS. It is a console based app, but it works and it works well. The only downside is that you have to know where your Master File Table(MTF) is located. I used one of the demo recovery programs that I downloaded to tell me where the MTF was and then plugged that into Scrounge and it started pulling files off my crashed drive. It took some time to recover, but it worked and was completely free. I want to write a GUI interface for Scrounge NTFS and change it over to C#. The world deserves a freeware NTFS recovery tool.


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